Marianne's Profile - MaKetubah

Marianne Adler Aaron was born in Mannheim, Germany. The daughter of a Cantor, she has always had a very strong Jewish identity, which is expressed through her art. She is a graduate of the Modern School of Design, Boston, MA, where she majored in Fashion Illustration. In the 1970's at the request of a rabbi in West Hartford, CT she created her first Ketubah. Besides Ketubot, her work includes Bar/Bat Mitzvah plaques, a "Shehecheyanu" plaque which can be used for births or anniversary/wedding gifts, and honoraria. Everything is "custom" made. She is always open to new ideas and illustrating interesting and unusual requests creates a welcome challenge. Now living in Ann Arbor, MI, she ships her artwork anywhere in North America and Israel. (PHONE 734-214-6444) | NEW E-MAIL TO : ( is also alive)